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Aircraft Timer (Chrome Propeller)

Item No.: 118-333 Size: H. 50 mm W. 110 mm φ 65 mm 55 min timer Material: Steel (Powder Coating)

American Kitchen Scale (1 KG)

Item No.: 100-061 Size: H.225mm W.132mm Tray φ175mm Material: Steel glass

Diet Scale (500G)

Item No.: 100-126 Size: H. 160mm W. 95mm Tray φ 120mm Material: Steel glass

Fish Kitchen Tong

Item No: 100-112 Product Size: 24*14.8*4cm Material: Stainless Steel in 304(18/8)

Kitchen Timer “Streamline”

Item No.: 112-282 Size: H.85mm W.50mm D.75mm Material: Steel, Polycarbonate, PVC

Kitchen Timer with Magnet

Item No.: 100-189 Size: H. 30 mm φ 70 mm Material: Steel, Polycarbonate, PVC

Magnetic Soap Holder

Item No.: CH12-H463 Size: W.50mm D.65mm Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Magnet, PVC

Sandglass Barma

Item No.: S520-325 Type: 1 Min Size: H. 80 mm W 30 mm D. 40 mm (1min) Material: Steel, Glass, Sand, Magnet Type: 3 Mins Size: H.85mm W.35mm D.50mm (3mins) Material: Steel, Glass, Sand, Magnet

Stainless Measuring Spoon Set of 5

Item No. 100-104 Size: L. 123-143 mm 1 ml, 1.25 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml Material: Stainless Steel