Thanks in advance for your support of BRIDGE CORPORATION LIMITED!


The warehouse personnel will carefully check the goods before the goods are shipped.

Please also ask the buyer to open the inspection immediately after receiving the parcel!

If there are still problems with defects and errors caused by inspection or transportation,

We are apologizing to the buyer for the trouble.

Please take a photo directly and write to customer service at

After receiving the photo of the product, it will help the buyer as soon as possible.


About return and exchange instructions:

In the spirit of the Consumer Protection Law, “Internet Shopping” also has a “seven-day appreciation period”, but the “appreciation period” is not a “trial period”.

When you receive the product with the product or the wrong product, we will handle the returned and returned goods for you, the shipping cost of our company, please rest assured to buy.

If you want to return the goods within 7 days, we will provide the return service according to the Consumer Protection Law. The shipping cost is self-paying, but please keep the complete packaging and the goods must not be damaged. The order return service for the seven-day appreciation period is only one time. To avoid vicious consumption, please also ask the guests to be self-respecting, thank you.


Defect Standard:

There is a shortage of damage and fittings caused by the transportation of goods or goods without being used or destroyed by external forces.

Note: The goods that are purchased on the Internet are checked directly after the arrival of the goods. Please check the goods within 24 hours after receiving the goods.

If there is damage caused by transportation, the accessories are not in order, the goods are damaged, etc., please provide a photo certificate to the customer service mailbox, BRIDGE will replace the new product replacement or spare parts for free.


“Received goods processing process”

  1. Within 48 hours after receiving the goods (not accepted within the time limit),

Confirm and send the photo of the product to the customer service mailbox

  1. Please attach the letter:

Member account/name/contact phone/item number/defect related description and picture.

  1. After the customer service staff confirms this, they will use the e-mail to contact the buyer to confirm the receipt address and other information.

Please prepare the original packaging and accessories for the goods and wait for the replacement of the new product or spare parts.


In the following cases, it is not a commodity problem:

  1. “Color difference problem” is not a product quality problem. Because the display settings of new and old computers and each computer are different, there will inevitably be chromatic aberration. If the color difference is strict, please consider it before purchasing. Or please go to the physical store to see the real product before purchasing to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding between the two sides.
  1. Industrial wind furniture is not open mold production, most of which is done by hand. There are tolerances of ±2% for the joints and dimensions. If you need to buy, please know this before you order!
  1. The products are brand new except for those specially marked as exhibits. All the products are not expected, the smell is strange, the function is not applicable, etc. It is not a defective product. Please consider carefully before placing the order.


Not accepted:

  1. Products that are damaged or lost in the outer packaging, inner packaging and accessories are not returned.
  1. The goods are innocent, purely personal, and will not be returned.
  1. The goods and their outer packaging, inner packaging and accessories are damaged, scratched, polluted, etc. caused by external forces, and will not be returned.
  1. After 7 days of receipt of the goods, they will not be returned.
  1. After the installation or after receiving the goods for more than 48 hours, it is found that the goods are not reflected and cannot be exchanged.
  1. If the goods are returned due to personal factors, the company will charge 20% of the goods.